Thursday, 10 June 2010

Marketing yourself

Have read two recent articles on this subject:

What did you say your job was? by Venessa Harris, CILIP Gazette, 3-16 June 2010, 9
Reputation management by Rob Brown, Business Information Review, 2010, 27(1) 56-64

Some interesting thoughts:
  • Venessa Harris talks about taking (informed) risks and opportunities presented by new roles
  • Marketing yourself helps with sharing, networking and collaboration as well as career development
  • Use online tools to build and manage a consistent identity
  • - We all need to manage our own personal reputations as well as the reputations of our respective services/organisations
  • There are three aspects to reputation management: building the reputation, maintaining it, and salvaging it should all go wrong
Some ideas for managing reputation:
  • be visible through writing articles, presentations
  • keep up to date - read (not just specialist but generalist sources), maintain personal collection of valuable information, keep up with cpd
  • get involved in projects, committees, associations
  • keep examples of successes
  • focus on excellent customer service and on outcomes (not process)
  • take time to build and maintain relationships
  • keep skills fresh and learn new skills
  • build on your network
  • develop a good "elevator pitch"

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