Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ideas from the National Quality Board on improving information has an article today (Quality advisers say all NHS information should go online) which refers to the latest report from the National Quality Board (which I couldn't find on the DH web site as it's impossible to find anything on it while they reorganise it - who knows when they'll actually finish reorganising it).

Key recommendations include:
  • single organisation to manage the collection of information
  • more of a mandate for providers to provide full and accurate data
  • sharing of information with the public
David Haslam, who led the report, said:
"All the organisations that collect data should be brought together into a single organisation, and the state should make it clear the responsibility to collect data is the providers"

Hmmmm....interesting - there is an issue regarding data quality and it's right that information should be shared. But a single organisation to manage all data collection? Not sure this would work due to the need for local information to be collected...

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