Monday, 21 June 2010

CILIP Gazette - leadership and tweeting

Cilip gazette 17/6/10 highlights the need for leadership in these difficult times - the cover article focuses on the academic sector but the messages are relevant to all of us: "Leadership is also about understanding the environment in which we work, where issues of efficiency gains, shared services, the rationalistaion of services, effective staff management and creativity in the configuration of services have a new urgency” (John Lancaster, Uni Huddersfield).

Linda Carter of Leadership Foundation suggests the following qualities as essential to lead in the current climate– “confident, agile, enquiring, passionate, refective, and self-aware”.

In another article, Laura Woods talks about tweeting etiquette at meetings and events – it seems people are divided and some assume people are just mucking about on their phones and/or laptops. Laura suggests an area specifically for people who wish to use phones and laptops which would avoid distracting others – could be a good idea, particularly locating near power sockets which is usually a problem at events.

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