Friday, 7 November 2008

Various bits and pieces

Work has been so incredibly hectic lately that I've been neglecting my reading - have managed to skim-read a few things so am making a note here as I'll forget otherwise...

CILIP Gazette (31 Oct - 13 Nov) has a cover feature ("Digital services 'challenge' HE") which reports on a JISC survey of senior staff and the latest SCONUL stats which show "the proportion of digital journals to printed journals shifting from 25% to 75% in 8 years. Some 45% of all acquisitions expenditure now goes on electronic formats".

HSJ (16 Oct) reports that members of the Long Term Conditions Alliance will merge with a new patient representation body and expected to become part of National Voices, being developed by Chief Exec David Pink.

Strategic Content Alliance (Oct newsletter) reports on the UKRDS interim report ( - it'll be interesting to see how that's taken forward.

Strategic Content Alliance (Sept newsletter) reports that the UK has "increased its share of published research in the world's most influential scientific journals" from a DIUS report.

The SCA Sept newsletter also mentions the emerging W3C POWDER protocol which allows metadata to be associated with multiple resources. "POWDER has been developed to create and use authoritative descriptions that identify online resources that meet specific criteria, such as those published under a specific licence or subject to a given code of conduct or suitable for children".

Saturday, 1 November 2008

e-Health Insider: "New patient e-health 2.0 sites launched"

"Two new websites have been launched featuring a collection of real life health stories and personal experiences of illness and health.

The two sites, Healthtalkonline, and Youthhealthtalk, have replaced DIPEx, a site created by Dr Ann McPherson, an Oxford GP, and Dr Andrew Herxheimer, former editor of the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin."